• Miss Jordan Taylor

I can't dance

I can’t dance.

He comes in the morning. He dances. He laughs and he smiles and he tries. I laugh and I smile. I try to dance. I sort of dance. He laughs and smiles. We smile and we laugh and we fall in. How is this so wonderful?

We dance in the dim twilight. He calls me wonderful. I fall in. He presses me close. I fall further. How are we so close? Can I fall in further?

We dance in the morning. We laugh and smile and try.

We dance in the dim twilight, and now I can really dance. He sort of laughs and he sort of smiles and he doesn’t try. I notice and I cry. But I sort of laugh and I sort of smile and I really try.

He is gone.

The morning comes. I sort of dance and I sort of laugh and I sort of smile and I sort of try. How did I get so close? Did only I fall in?

The dim twilight comes. I don’t laugh and I don’t smile and I don’t try. I cry. And cry and cry and cry. How is he gone?

I can’t dance.

This story is exactly 200 words long and uses fewer than 50 unique words, an exercise recommended by George Saunders.