• Miss Jordan Taylor

Interesting and Boring People

I love meeting interesting people, and I find the old adage, “Interested people are interesting and bored people are boring,” to be completely true. The interested-interesting, bored-boring connection works on two levels: how people are perceived and how they actually are. 

The first level is how people seem to others. If you were to meet someone who had lived a life full of adventures and knew a great deal about the world, but was bored with you and their surroundings, I doubt you would stay interested for very long. They are either silent or speak on meaningless topics, and they give physical and/or verbal hints that they would rather be somewhere else. Pretty soon you’re feeling the same way: bored. The person who inspired the boredom is seen as boring. 

Just as boredom is contagious, so is interest. When someone leans forward and asks you questions, not only does your esteem for yourself rise but your esteem for them as well, and you begin to wonder about this curious person and ask questions in return.

This is how it is in the minds of others, but it applies to actuality as well. People who want to know about the whole world and everything they encounter find that some of it sticks to them whether or not they choose it to. Through their attention, interested people attract and collect knowledge, experiences, and relationships. Bored people, on the other hand, have already decided that nothing is worth their time, and so their time becomes rather worthless. They have done and learned and cared about less, and they are consequently boring. 

These are extremes, and no one is completely boring or interesting, interested or bored. There is a continuum, and the words are entirely subjective, anyway. But remember, whether or not the people in your life are interesting depends on your outlook more than anything else. 

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