• Miss Jordan Taylor

Interview with Sierra Allen

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Join me Tuesday, August 18th at 3pm EDT for a live Q&A session with a grown unschooler!

All About Unschooling: Grown Unschooling Q&A feat. Sierra Allen

Tuesday, August 18th @ 2pm EDT

Listen in and ask questions as I interview Sierra Allen; a grown unschooler, self-directed education facilitator, and co-creator of Education in Transformation. We will be diving into Sierra's experiences as an unschooler and whatever else our audience requests!  Join by visiting the Peer Unschooling Network's YouTube channel and Facebook Page on Tuesday, August 18th at 2pm EDT. 

I joined the Peer Unschooling Network last year, and I have become increasingly involved with it ever since. My first project I completed with their Create & Connect mentorship program was creating this website to exhibit my calligraphy. This summer, I have been organizing a series of live Q&A sessions around the subject of unschooling. Please join me for my second session!

Here is the Q&A!

Sierra's instagram is @sierraya -- if anyone would like to contact her directly. Also, if anyone you know is interested in creating video content about SDE, she would love to support in any way through EDiT--> https://educationintransformation.com/collaborate/