• Miss Jordan Taylor

Loden's Elegy

O Loden

My darling feline

Grassy brassy eyes

Long silky fur

Feathery tips of velvety ears

Bushy tail

The bones crooked

A bent kink on the end

Four extra toes

One for each paw

Grimacy smile

When you chance allowed a pet

You never hissed

Or purred

You saved your sweet birdsong trill

For only the most special occasions

You were the only cat I know who

Loved lettuce

Fruit popsicles


Other things that cats are not

Supposed to like

You laid by a hole in the kitchen floor


For some perchance mouse

Or other creature


Then in a frenzy

You lost your patience

Your whole front paw disappeared

Up to the shoulder

In wood

Frantically groping

For the awaited prey

You must’ve know something

The rest of us didn’t

Because nothing

Will ever ever

Come out of that hole

You wandered the vacant hallway

Of the sleeping house

The only time

Your delicate mew

Was harsh and resounding

Searching for a friend

I don’t know why

You never played with us

When we are awake

You ran

As if a terrible beast

Was behind you

Round and round


If anyone

Stepped your way

When you were hungry

You scavenged the kitchen counters

Even if someone was standing there

Watching you

At dinner

We had to be careful

If we left our seats

For just one moment

You were ready

And took your place

At the table

Like a person

Opening closed doors

Was your favorite pastime

You were master

Then why did you still

Get stuck in trees

For days


We named you for your

Grassy brassy eyes

Most cats are very good

At grooming themselves

You weren’t

We had to cut off

Some of your fur

A dreadlock

Then that place was



You stuck out

Your little pink tongue

And left it there

Did you forget

You were small

That didn’t make sense

You were a Maine Coon

It’s okay though

It wasn’t your fault

You had seizures

It was scary

The still shaking

Curled and stiff

Your grimacy smile

Frozen and trembling

I turned away

And heard you

Clattering against the chairs

Falling off the bed

Thumping down the stairs


Your brain was already hurt


You were released


Eyes wide open

Looking around

For a long time

Then cuddly cuddly

Pet me you begged

Then hungry

Up on the counter

I would’ve shooed you

But I was too glad

That you were alive

My darling feline