• Miss Jordan Taylor

New Official Writing Notebook

Here is the unedited dedication in my new notebook.

Official Writing Notebook***

Starting a notebook is so special that I think I must dedicate the first page to commemorating that experience.

A fresh notebook is so promising, so hopeful. Like starting a new year or a new routine, starting a new notebook is exciting and clean and full of possibilities. The expectations that are built can be daunting, but the start itself is something precious, a birth of sorts. No matter what comes later in the life of the child doesn’t change how beautiful the beginning was. Terrible writing, weeks of disuse, or inspired composition, bring it on, knowing I was able to start has fortified me.

Perhaps this is all overthought, overwrought nonsense, but I am thrilled nonetheless by filling this first page and flipping through the gorgeously blank lines that follow. I hope that what ensues will be great, but I am content with the filling and accomplishing the act of the start.

Jordan Taylor

January 19th, 2021

***that will still have plenty of bad writing and first drafts