• Miss Jordan Taylor

Not Quite a Poem

I admire excellence.

I want to be humble.

I love feeling free.

I appreciate order.

I don’t push myself as far as I’d like to go.

I am enormously satisfied by using leftovers.

My mother is my best friend.

I sometimes talk to myself in a British accent.

I am the oldest of five, maybe to be more.

I become giddy in the presence of a large collection of books.

Or a small collection.

I try to be perfect.

I fail.

I criticize what I love and what I don’t.

I dance with enthusiasm.

I explore what I have judged to be worthy.

I read for pleasure and to better myself.

I care how others see me, but even more how I see me.

What does this mean?

What do I mean?

I wish I were a poet.

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