• Miss Jordan Taylor

Project Leah

For my birthday, my sister Eden got me Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist Journal, and one of the exercises in it is to do something for 30 days in a row. For the month of October (31 days, I know), I’ll be capturing my sister Leah in art, either drawing, painting, or photographing. I will be adding to this blog post every day, so check back in here or in the Project Leah gallery to see the new pieces. I’ll post them all, no matter how bad.

For Day Thirty-one, the final day, I drew Leah the same way I did for Day One: graphite pencil on paper.

Day Thirty-one

For Day Thirty, I drew Leah from memory with a ballpoint pen.

Day Thirty

For Day Twenty-nine, I exclusively wrote “LEAH.”

Day Twenty-nine

For Day Twenty-eight I used my favorite calligraphy tools: a “Blue Pumpkin” nib and Noodler’s ink. I can now agree that they are not meant for drawing.

Day Twenty-eight

I am right-handed. For Day Twenty-seven, I used my left hand and a fine PITT pen.

Day Twenty-seven

For Day Twenty-six, I used a thick stick of graphite - pretty unwieldy.

Day Twenty-six

For Day Twenty-five, I used the long lost medium of crayon. Most of them were Twistables.

Day Twenty-five

For Day Twenty-four, I carved a Jack-o’-lantern using Day Five as a template. I had a pumpkin, a drywall saw, a grapefruit spoon, a couple tiny pumpkin-carving saws, and some tea lights. This picture is unedited except for cropping, and I’ll add one of the pumpkin in daylight.

Day Twenty-four

For Day Twenty-three, I used a small PITT pen, a gold Uniball SAN pen, and pink colored pencil.

For Day Twenty-two, I used black, orange, yellow, and blue colored pencils and drew her by firelight as my family enjoyed one of the last campfires of the season.

Day Twenty-two

For Day Twenty-one, I used a medium PITT pen. (My model was getting a little tired of posing so often.)

Day Twenty-one

For Day Twenty, I drew her with a fine PITT pen, with my eyes closed.

For Day Nineteen, I tried stippling with a small PITT pen.

Day Nineteen

For Day Eighteen, I copied her profile from shadow on the wall, which took me a few tries, since I wasn’t using a pencil. I outlined the drawing with the small PITT pen and filled it in with the chisel PITT pen.

Day Eighteen

For Day Seventeen, I used the black chisel PITT pen, which is usually used for traditional-style calligraphy.

Day Seventeen

For Day Sixteen, I used my fine-thickness, black PITT pen for an outline and colored pencil for the inside. I haven’t used any pencil for outlines so far (excepting the pencil drawings of course).

Day Sixteen

For Day Fifteen, I used a Uniball white Signo pen on black paper. I’ve never done white on black drawing before.

Day Fifteen

For Day Fourteen, I used watercolor paint.

Day Fourteen

For Day Thirteen, I tried the new-to-me medium of acrylic paint.

Day Thirteen

Day Twelve: I used a medium-sized brush, Sumi ink, and water.

Day Twelve

For Day Eleven, I used graphite pencil again, but this time, allowed myself only 60 seconds to complete it.

Day Eleven

For Day Ten, I took 5-10 minutes and used a ballpoint pen, trying to curb my use of shading.

Day Ten

For Day Nine, I didn’t have my model, so I used one of her old pictures (a video still actually) and an assortment of colored pencils.

Day Nine

For Day Eight, I used a Tombow pen (ABT N15), a ridiculously thick brush pen meant for brush calligraphy and, as I learned, not drawing.

Day Eight

Day Seven: a fine-thickness, black PITT artist pen.

Day Seven

For Day Six, I used yet another unfamiliar medium (another benefit of this project is using my abandoned art supplies) of sepia stick - I’m not quite sure exactly what it is.

For Day Five, I tried another new medium: photography and photo editing. The original photo is right after it.

Day Five

I only had a minute for Day Four, so I did a blind contour drawing (something Austin Kleon is also fond of). I used a fine-thickness PITT artist pen, and did not look at the paper until I was done.

Day Four

For Day Three, I took a picture of her and then drew it with ballpoint pen. I didn’t lift my pen from the paper once as I drew this.

Day Three

For Day Two, I used pastel pencils, a brand-new medium for me.

Day Two

For Day One, I began with my traditional favorite, graphite pencil on paper.

Day One