• Miss Jordan Taylor


Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Is it better to work from within the system to change the system or reject the system altogether? Is it better to adapt myself to my surroundings or work to adapt my surroundings to myself? Is it more important to give people what they want or what is best for them? What about what I give myself?

Should I compromise my principles for others’ perceived safety and comfort? Why? Is it better to fight or to pray? What happens when I do both? Is accepting worldly turmoil into my sphere and being “informed” worth the personal unrest? What about when not knowing means losing everything?

Does what I do make a difference? What about what I say? Or think? Or feel? Is small change worth fighting for? What about when complete change seems essential? How do we define what is essential? Who defines what is essential? Are alternate definitions allowed? Are alternate thoughts allowed? Who allows or does not allow?

What if my principles come into direct conflict with your principles? With your perceptions? How can I know if I’m right? How can I know if a story is right? How can I trust what I distrust? Should I trust anyway? What about when everyone else around me does?

Have I made a single statement? Should I wish to make a statement? Do these questions mean anything? Are questions their own form of dissent? If dissent is censored, should questions be censored?

Do I know the answers to any of these questions? Do you?