• Miss Jordan Taylor

Thanksgiving Painting

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my cousins; chatting, planning for the future, and painting. I don't paint very often (like I haven't in two or three years), and I'd never used acrylic paints so it was an experiment.

I love making portraits, and my cousin Laina wasn't painting, so she served as my model.

My cousin Laina from the back

I briefly sketched her from the back and the front, redid the front sketch on the canvas, and dove in with paint.

Second sketch

Since it has been so long since I've painted at all, and I wasn't an expert then, I had no technique. I also didn't have much patience; I wanted it to take the amount of time a detailed sketch would take. I think I painted for less than an hour. Here's the result:

Final, but incomplete acrylic painting on canvas

Starting with a live portrait using an unfamiliar medium was not perhaps the wisest decision, but I had fun and felt thankful for good company.

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